Activate Roku without Credit Card

Roku is a streaming media device that offers you access to a vast range of movies and TV shows. Despite the fact that it works well with almost all internet services and televisions, better to check if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and TV are available on the list of supported devices by Roku. To activate Roku streaming player, there is a need to link your Roku account and this can be done via web address. As soon as you connect through, you can stream HD videos flawlessly.

Streaming is the fastest way to access web-based content. It is the technology through which audio and video content is delivered over the internet. Streaming enables you to watch what you want at any time – no need to wait for your DVR to record or a download to finish. error codes

When users try to access web-based page, they often get error codes which indicate different messages. Let’s have a look at what these error codes indicate:

If such issues continue to cause a trouble for you, call our technicians on toll-free number 1-844-748-9017. They will resolve all your issues immediately.

Stream AVI Roku

Create Roku Account

A Roku account is required to activate Roku device. So, firstly create an account by following the below-given steps:

Activate Roku without Credit Card
Thus, you can create a Roku account to manage Roku devices along with their channels.

Setting up Roku using Roku Link Activation Code

Setting up Roku is quite simple if you know the correct steps. The setup process is same for almost all models of Roku – it hardly matters whether you are using the older Roku model or the latest one.

Setting up Roku will require three main things: two inputs and one output:

In terms of electrical power, you can use two types of power for Roku. If you want to use your device to stream AVI Roku, plug it in the main power to your TV. On the other hand, if you own Roku Streaming Stick, directly connect it to any port of your TV.

For internet connection, it’s recommended to use a wired connection while setting up Roku because wired connections are faster as compared to wireless ones. Don’t connect to WiFi or use public WiFi for the setup process.

Here are the do-follow instructions for Roku Setup:

  • Turn on your device and connect it to a TV or laptop.
  • Make a wired or wireless internet connection with your device.
  • Note down the Link Code displayed on the TV screen.
  • Open any browser you like and visit
  • Create an account using email ID and password.
  • Now, enter the code and click on Submit button.
Setting up Roku

After that, you can add or delete channels as per your choice and click on save button before exiting the window. Roku device will refresh after some time. So wait for a couple of minutes and start using it. In case you come across any problem, just call on 1-844-748-9017 and ask our expert technicians for instant help.

How to Find Roku Link Code for Roku Activation

The most common issue users generally come across while setting up Roku is that they are unable to find the link code. And without activating the device, you won’t be able to access any movie or TV show through Roku. In order to activate Roku without Credit Card or with it, all you have to do is simply go to web address and enter the code. Once done, execute the on-screen commands to complete the Roku streaming device setup.

But the question arises here is where to get Roku link code? Well, it is pretty simple.

You can get the activation code for Roku from the device display screen. Make sure your device is turned on properly and connected to a fast internet connection. Sometimes, the code doesn’t display due to slow WiFi connectivity issues. Therefore, check if the internet connection is working fine or not. If not, it’s recommended to contact your Internet Service Provider or ISP. The activation code will help you connect to the respective Roku account.

Getting an Error while Entering the Link Code on

At times, when you access and enter the activation code, it shows an error. In this case, try entering the code once again. Maybe there is a typing error. So, make sure to double check the code while entering.

On the other hand, some other problems like a temporary network or system error may also result in this issue.

To troubleshoot this error, get a new code by pressing the button on your Roku remote. As soon as the new code is shown on the TV screen, return to and input it.

Roku Activation Code Entered but Roku Device is Stuck on Activation Screen

Sometimes, it can take a while for the activation process to be completed, so wait for a few minutes. But if you are seeing the same screen for 30 minutes or longer, you have to take strict action. Walk through the instructions given below to fix this issue:

  • Complete all the steps accurately to activate the Roku media player.
  • On the off chance that you are getting an error code 001, it means that your streaming device is not connected to a network.
  • Reboot your internet connection and try again.
roku setup

Link Activation Code not Working

In case you are unable to set up and stream content on the Roku streaming device, chances are you are facing the activation code not working error. Here are the possible solutions to this

  1. Check the Validity of the Code

Many users are not aware of the fact that every activation code connected to any Roku model has an expiry period within which it can be used. So first and foremost, ensure that the code has not expired. It is recommended to refresh your streaming device to another code.

  1. Use the Correct Roku Account

Most users are habitual of using multiple accounts. They first set up a Roku account, forget the password and continue with creating another account. What happens here is your Roku player is still connected to the first account. And you won’t be able to activate it by means of another Roku account. To fix the problem, you can reset the device to default factory settings and then add a new, fresh account.

  1. Check the Entered Code

It often happens that you are very confident that you have entered the correct code. But in reality, the code slightly differs from what you entered. And the code must exactly the same for activation process. That’s why it is very important to enter the code accurately.

However, if nothing works for you, get in touch with our expert and knowledgeable technicians at toll-free 1-844-748-9017 and receive prompt solutions.

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